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10 Fashion Trends for Summer 2020

I want to share with you 10 of my favourite trends for our 2020-2021 summer season. You may already have some of these in your wardrobe, so get them out, have a play around and see what you can create that is new and exciting for you.

Oversized sleeves, the 80s puff sleeve look in white or soft colours. Be careful you don’t drown your body shape or just look bulky.

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The 90s grunge look has made a comeback with feminine dresses, from maxi dresses belted up or short floral dresses, teamed up with chunky boots.

Jumpsuits are still trending and there are many different choices when it comes to style, block colours, prints or patterns. Read my article on how to choose a jumpsuit that works with your bodyshape here.


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Layers frills and ruffles are everywhere, in all the different price points.

Matchy matchy garments, matching your tops with your bottoms, from prints, patterns, florals and monochrome – which seems to be very popular. I like to add a pop of colour to whatever I choose to wear.

Shorts and Jackets are one of my favourite 90s combinations for an outfit.


Summery suiting in white, soft pastels or beige are a great favourite. Linen and silk are a popular choice when it comes to summer suiting as they are both breathable fabrics. I’ve noticed faux leather has made its way off the runway as a trending fabric though.



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Shoes can be chunky, with block heels. Sneakers, bling, white ankle boots and a pop of colour are all popular.

When it comes to Evening Wear it’s all about sequins and cut outs this season.

Polka dots, graphic prints or florals are all trending.

What’s your personality and what are you drawn to?

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The colours of the season seem to depend on the store or brand on what is trending. There isn’t one overarching palette this season. There is a variety of colours from scarlet red to  soft pastels, mint, lilac, faded denim, pale sandy or saffron yellow, classic blue, black, fresh white or the classic and safe neutrals, if they suit you.

Remember ladies, shop from your wardrobe first. Purchase garments that suit your body shape, personality and lifestyle, not just because it’s trending.

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