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1 Dress 5 different Outfits ideas

The festive (party!) season is upon us and chances are you, like so many others, are thinking “I’ve got nothing to wear”.

After a year with little social interaction we are all desperate to get dressed up and get together with friends, colleagues and family – and possibly haven’t a lot to spend.

You might have several events to coming up – from a formal night out to an outdoor Christmas party, but you certainly don’t want to have to buy a different outfit for each occasion!

So what to do?  Have you a dress in your wardrobe that you absolutely love but you have worn to a previous event?

I can give you some ideas on how to create that a different ‘Look’ –  from the same garment!

It’s all about the accessories – adding a belt, changing your jewellery, switching shoes and bag.


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Your hair and makeup plays a big part in the look you are trying to achieve.

All these different looks can be created with one dress that looks amazing on you and in which you feel fantastic.

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When you’re out shopping and looking for the perfect dress it’s not just about the fit, it’s about how many different ways you can style it.


Ladies, remember shop from your wardrobe first. Make that perfect dress work for you.

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