7 Summer Trends

The weather is becoming warmer and the days are getting longer. Now, let’s have a look and see what’s in your wardrobe. What can you use to create some new and fashionable outfits just by adding a few bits and pieces to your existing wardrobe?

Dateless denim is still big this summer.  High waisted flares are being embraced by most age groups. If you have a pair tucked away in the back of the wardrobe dig them out and tuck in your favourite shirt and wear with a pair of wedged shoes. A denim vest can be your ‘go to’ instead of a cardie or shrug this season.

pic 3

Metallic accessories and clothing.  How many times have you worn that silver or gold pair of shoes that is still hidden in the back of the wardrobe? Next time you’re going out to lunch with girls add a touch of glamour to your casual outfit.

pic 2

Accessories can make or break an outfit.  If you want to update some of your accessories, statement or mismatched earrings, are the go.  Chokers, oversized sun glasses and head scarves are also all the rage.

Experiment with cuffs and multiple bangles

Grandmas brooch is making a comeback, I’ve pulled mine out ready to go.

You may have noticed white is a popular summer trend, a white bag will give your outfit that fresh summer look.

If you can pull it off, mismatched garments and pattern clashing will give you an individual look.

pic 1

Ladies, shop from your wardrobe first, make a list to fill the gaps, then hit the shops with a defiant look in mind.

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