dressing for your mood

Dressing for your Mood

Image and mood matters, whether it be at work or play.


The right outfit for the right personality can change a mood and give the person a feeling of empowerment and confidence.


For myself, I love to be dressed up; it makes me feel empowered confident and able to take on whatever the day has to throw at me. Red is my power colour and I feel taller and broader when I throw on my red jacket.


I’ve seen clients transformed simply by changing from a wardrobe consisting mainly of black, unstructured clothing to one of colourful and structured garments. Their faces light up, they look and feel good about themselves and therefore become more confident in their everyday lives.


Colour is far more powerful than you’d realise.

Compare the difference between the women described below and imagine, if you will, who has control of her life, is confident and knows what she is doing.
Woman 1: a woman walking down the street, looking down at the ground and dressed in black baggy pants and a loose black top with flat canvas shoes
Woman 2: a woman wearing a red, pink and white, floral fit and flare dress with heels and head held up high.


Dressing doesn’t just affect our mood; it also creates a perception
of what others may think of us. Dressing up is a way that shows a person
is in control of their life and can handle anything thrown their way.
People who are feeling depressed often lose interest in themselves and
their appearance. Their mood and feelings are all consuming and they
often tend to ‘hide’ by wearing dark baggy clothing. They certainly
don’t take time out to think that what they are wearing can
significantly contribute to, or conversely, change their mood. Taking
little care of appearance can cause them to fall deeper into a rut.


If you are feeling down and don’t want to talk to any one or even
want to get out of bed then it’s definitely time to find your POWER
COLOUR and the GO TO outfit that helps you start your day with a lift.
If you know someone in that state perhaps helping with a gift in the
colour that suits them best could cause a shift.

blog 2 pic 1

An outfit can trigger a good or a bad memory, depending on a situation.

blog 2 pic 2

As an example, you may have had a blue dress on the day you had a car accident and therefor the dress brings about a bad memory and changes your mood. Or you have purchased a new green jumpsuit that brings you many favourable compliments and this outfit puts you on a high every time you wear it.


We usually talk about how females dress, but let’s not forget the men.


For my male professional clients it’s that magical power tie or that special power suit which imbues a sense of confidence and cheer.


No matter what age you are, having a routine to get up and dress up in something that empowers you and make you feel great about yourself is the best start to your day and it keeps you feeling youthful.

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