How to Dress for Smart Casual

One of my clients who was in a delima called me today and said she has just received an invitation marked ‘smart casual attire’.

What should I wear? Smart casual is one of the hardest to dress for because there are so many interpretations.

As Aussies we seem to dress down for most occasions. If I said the words smart casual to my hubby Dave, he would automatically gravitate to the short and thongs.  So what should you wear?

Firstly I’d ask where and when – where is the venue and is it day or evening.

For the guys, a tie is optional, pants or a pair of good chinos with a long sleeve shirt . In the cooler months a sports coat always looks smart. If you don’t have a sports coat a suit jacket can work. No Joggers, shoes always make a huge difference to an outfit.


Another question I’m always asked is ‘can I wear jeans?’

If it is a day event a pair of dark indigo jeans teamed up with a long sleeved shirt and a sports coat or suit coat can look very stylish and of course no joggers.
Just a little hint guys. When purchasing a shirt always try it on and sit down and make sure the buttons aren’t popping, there’s nothing worse.
Ladies there are so many options,

Ladies, it’s not a cocktail party –  so if wearing a black dress add a touch of colour to give that casual look. Definitely no jeans and no tights!

If it’s a day event, a colourful maxi dress looks great.
Try to wear a pair of heels – you can wear wedges and remember, flats always dress down an outfit.

A clutch or small bag adds a touch of class.
Just a little hint ladies. Make sure the garment skims not clings to your body shape. This helps disguise those lumps and bumps.
With party season just around the corner I hope my blog helps to determine what wear and what not to wear.
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