How to organise your wardrobe

When did you last play around in your wardrobe?

It’s something I do quite often, I’m always so busy running around with work and family I need to have my outfits prepared for the week ahead.

Firstly I check the weather report and my diary then I start playing dress up, creating different outfits out of my wardrobe to suit each occasion.

Some days I may need two or three different looks in the one day, it may only be as simple as changing my accessories or adding a jacket.

Now it’s time for you to do your own wardrobe edit.
You will need to try on your garments.


Step 1. Create four different piles.


Step 2. You don’t know where to start?


Step 3. Now you have your piles sorted.

We are working with the ‘keep it’ pile.

Lay your garment on the bed. More questions to ask yourself.

Step 4. Accessorising.

Drag out all your accessories and play around with the outfits you created.
Pull out the shoes see if you can dress up an outfit with heels and dress it down with flats.


Step 5. Filling the gaps.

What do I need to complete my wardrobe to bring it up to this season’s fashion?
Make a list and go shopping, take the garments with you that want to mix and match with.
You may only need accessories in this season’s colours to complete your wardrobe.
You need to do this exercise every season then you’ll have a workable and fashionable wardrobe to play with.

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