Spring 2016 Seasonal Colours.

Spring is a transition from a cold, dark and dreary winter to a warm, bright and energetic Spring.

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The Spring colours transform our wardrobe and give it an energetic feeling.

Some of us may join a gym, start walking or even go for a run to change from our winter hibernation and our style of cooking may change as well. Instead of warm, heavy comfort food we tend to go for light and fresh meals.

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The garden is my favourite place in Spring; watching the buds and blossoms appearing, then the sudden burst of colour as flowers bloom. And this is what you will find in my wardrobe too.
But you don’t have to rush out and spend a fortune to bring your wardrobe into Spring; inject the fashion colours into your wardrobe with accessories. A scarf, necklace, bag, shoes hat or even sunglasses will lift an outfit.

Remember that the colours of the season come and go so choose three fashion colours that can be mixed and matched with your existing wardrobe. Mostly importantly choose the colours that suit you best, colours that make your skin look brighter and your eyes sparkle.

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For me, Fiesta Red is a high energy colour, Green Flash is my pop of colour for the season and Iced coffee will be my neutral.
What colours are you going to inject into your wardrobe?

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Have fun playing with the colours of the season and remember, shop from your own wardrobe first.

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