Who – or What – is Gifted Life?

In the past few months I have mentioned the name Gifted Life on my social media.

I’m often asked about ‘Gifted Life’, what it is and what does it stand for. ‘Gifted Life’ is a charity which supports and empowers transplant recipients and was founded by the inspirational Lauren Rowe. Lauren is a double lung transplant recipient herself.

You might well ask how ‘All About Style’ became associated with Lauren and her charity.

In 2015 Lauren’s mother Shayne purchased an All About style gift voucher for her eldest daughter, Katie.

That was the beginning of an amazing journey for us all…

Lauren and Shayne were amazed at what I could do with Katie’s wardrobe, so they also became my clients. We discussed the body shape; how to highlight your greatest assets and how to disguise parts you’re not happy with. Let’s be honest, we all have something we aren’t happy with.

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We played with warm and cool colours, so we can choose a colour pallet to create a mix and match wardrobe which suits both their personality and lifestyle.

Early this year Lauren asked me if I would like to hold my ‘Dressing for You’ workshop at an Empowerment Day held by ‘Gifted Life’ in Sydney. I was very honoured and excited to meet these women and be able to share heaps of tips and hints on how to dress with confidence.

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I believe without confidence we can’t live our life to its full potential.

The Empowerment Day was a great success and Lauren shared her dream to take this event around Australia and to be able to share fashion, style, makeup and plenty of fun and laughter with many other transplant recipients.

What she needed was funding and Lauren went on a mission to get it. She entered The Women’s Weekly Women of the Future competition – and guess what?  Lauren won the Peoples Choice Award and was placed second in the Judges award.

The dream has now begun in earnest, with first stop Melbourne.

The event was named ‘Love You, LoVe Life’ and was an inspirational day full of fun and laughter. It’s such a privilege to meet so many women from all walks of life and to listen to their journeys.

Gifted life 2

I truly believe I also have a ‘Gifted Life’ by association with this wonderful organisation.

Next stop,  Perth at the beginning of 2017…

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